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School Board Meeting

Board Reorganization and Regular Meeting

Will be held on 12/2/2015 at 7 PM.

Please see our District Calendar for this month's school board meeting dates.

Final Map SASD

Re-districting is complete and the FINAL map as of 7/01/2015 for Stroudsburg Area School District can be found here.

Financial Plan 2015

Information from the September, 16 2015 Board meeting.

Financial Plan Updated 10/02/2015.pdf 

Video of Presentation can be veiwed here

Welcome from the Superintendent

Superintendent Message

My name is Cosmas C. Curry, and I am privileged to serve as your new superintendent of schools.  My background and experiences in public education stretches over 24 years.  I believe in a team approach to accomplishing the mission of the Stroudsburg Area School District.  I envision a school and community working together to prepare students for high-level college academics as well as careers.  To this end, practical assessments must be used to determine effectiveness of educational programs.  These assessments include, but are not limited to: mid-term and final examinations, graduation projects, project-based learning utilizing technology, portfolios, artistic and musical compositions, Keystone Exams, PSSAs, citizenship, and character education.  Data reviews of these assessments will help determine success of educational programs.  I also believe in assessing if graduates are gainfully employed five years post-graduation to better gauge success beyond paper and pencil tests.  A five year post-graduate survey will provide data to help answer the question, "Do students have the intangible traits to get hired and stay hired based on the sound education provided through your tax dollars?"  Strong positive relationships with families are also important in meeting the mission and vision of the Stroudsburg Area School District.  I operate with an open-door policy and invite parent involvement in the education of your children, which includes involvement beginning in kindergarten and continuing through senior year.  I believe in teamwork, which starts with the school board who functions as a team of 10, and all other groups in the district to do “what is right” for our students. I look forward to meeting all stakeholders in the community and ask for your support as we continue a great tradition of academic excellence!